So you decided to submit your own photo/ad instead of booking the Christmas in the Sky photographer.  Here are some things you need to know before you submit your information and image.

There are two types of spaces for the Auction Book:  Vertical and Horizontal (see images below). While we prefer you submit a vertical image, we understand that sometimes the image you want to submit is wider than it is tall.  Both photo styles have their own character limits for the space provided.  


The caption under the photo would read:

Line 1: Who is in the photo (medium sized text)
Line 2: Their relationship to the sponsor (small text)
Line 3: Sponsor Name (big bold text)


Vertical Photo Submission

7.5' x 5.25" no bleed image space


download (1).jpg

Horizontal Photo Submission

8.25' x 4.25" no bleed image space